Product Recall Alert: Sea Salt and Pretzels Bar

Allergen Risk


Milk Chocolate Pretzels & Sea Salt  Bar - Chocolate Cafe Ramsbottom


Crafted Chocolate Sea Salt & Pretzel Bar

We are recalling Crafted Chocolate Petzel and Sea Salt Bar due the product containing an allergen ingredient which is not mentioned on the label. This means the product is a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy/intolerance or sensitivity to nuts.


Crafted Chocolate Sea Salt & Pretzel Bar

All pack sizes, batch codes and «best before / use-by» dates affected:

Pack size: 120g

Batch code: A22

Best before/ Use by: 2/4/2022


The batch code and best before/use by date can be found on the back of the Chocolate Bar.

  What you should do

If you have bought Sea Salt and Pretzel as detailed above, do not eat it.


  • Check if you have bought the affected batch code: A22 / Best before date of 2/4/2022 of the Sea Salt and Pretzel Bar.
  • Return the product to the store for a full refund (with or without a receipt) or contact store on the contact details below.

Want more information?

For more information contact us on  01706 822828 or email